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Entering it’s 4th year, with nearly 3 million messages exchanged, LawyerSmack has already solved the #1 work complaint of 2020 – how to have a supportive community when you’re working from home. 

And it’s having a Cyber Monday sale.

Details below. 


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“LawyerSmack is reinventing the way lawyers communicate… for attorneys interested in discussing practice-related issues with their peers in real time.” – ABA Journal


Camaraderie and mentorship with hundreds of lawyers. 1000s of messages exchanged a week. Weekly Zoom hangouts. 


Brainstorm problems and discover solutions with lawyers across practice areas and around the world.


Engage in safe and secure discussions among peers. What happens here, stays here. 

Exclusive Discounts

LawyerSmack members receive access to over $1000 in discounts to some of the leading legaltech vendors in the world – and we’re constantly adding more.

Where attorneys you actually want to hang out with hang out.

Having a community of attorneys to go to is essential to the well being of any attorney. This community allows me to ask for ideas or help with firm marketing or motion writing, to talk about shared interests and hobbies with other attorneys, and to have a safe place to discuss issues women face in the practice of law.

Even though I seem to be asking for help a lot as a newer attorney, I look forward to the point I can give back to the community and share what I know to help others. Also, now I know a Canadian attorney who will send ketchup chips if you ask nicely!

Kristen Thurmond

Lawyer/Partner, Law Offices of Creagar and Thurmond, LLC

LawyerSmack is all the benefits of networking with other lawyers, without the awkward mingling and standing alone at networking events. I joined in January 2018 and frankly, I wish I had taken Keith’s advice and joined earlier than I did.

I’ve met a lively community of other in-house attorneys and LawyerSmack is a space where we can ask each other questions about in-house life, practice tips, and other substantive questions that we would never ask on other social media outlets. The transition from a firm lawyer to in-house can be lonely, and LawyerSmack fills that void for me.

Jennifer Judge

Deputy General Counsel

LawyerSmack is the easiest networking you can do. I’ve made a bunch of new friends (in real life!) and gotten countless client referrals just from shooting the breeze with the other members throughout the day.

Sean Lynch

Lawyer, Lynch LLP

LawyerSmack makes law practice a million times less lonely and has made me enjoy it much more. I enjoyed being a federal clerk, but it was a very solitary world as I was the only clerk straight out of law school in my court house. The other dozen or so were career or much older.

Since joining, I’ve made good friends in LawyerSmack and learned a lot from many others about how to be a good lawyer. I was skeptical at first but took a leap of faith and I’m glad I did.

RI Smith

Lawyer, McAngus Goudelock & Courie

There are a lot of reasons to join LawyerSmack and my own reasons would be different than the next person. For me, it comes down to camaraderie. I like to be able to speak to people who understand me. I’m an experienced lawyer in an experienced firm, so I may not be looking for mentoring – although I am happy to help other lawyers.

Some people are looking for business, and I see it happening. I’m not looking for that either. Although, I’m sure I’d get a call if someone needed me. Others like to have a place to work on their theories, or talk to people about their experts. It’s good to have that at your fingertips.

But for me, I like talking to other lawyers. I like listening to other lawyers. I like watching other lawyers “think.” You can only practice law, you never stop learning it.

Adrian Arkin

Attorney at Law, Mintz Truppman

Both online and at amazing live events…like the LawyerSmack party during the Clio Cloud Conference.

$70 off your first year!

This is a limited time discount – and LawyerSmack is never going to be this price again.

LawyerSmack is an amazing community – and 2020 has only solidified it. 

When everyone was suddenly stuck practicing law in their homes, LawyerSmack members had a built-in community and support network to get them through it. 

We’ve hosted 30+ virtual events in 2020 – special guests, social hours, election coverage, conference parties and more. We’re in the midst of our 4th annual Secret Santa exhange, with particpants in 17 states, DC, and Canada. 

And 2021 is going to be a huge year for LawyerSmack. It’s evloving and will offer more exclusive benefits, content, events, and other surprises over the course of the year.  

This is the last chance to lock in your membership at this discounted rate. It will never be this low of a price again. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s involved with the membership process?

To join, you’ll need to fill out a short questionnaire about you and your practice area. You also have to submit verification of your law degree (JD, LLM, etc) – a link to your Bar Directory Profile or a picture of your degree. LawyerSmack is a lawyer-only community. 

How to know if you’re the right fit?

You take your work very seriously, but not yourself. Someone jokingly described the community as “Cheers, set at the Mos Eisley Cantina, as written by John Grisham.” But even if you don’t get that reference, that’s okay. LawyerSmack is one of the most supportive places you’ll find on the Internet. New members are always welcomed by the community. 

New to Forums? What should you expect?

A thriving and vibrant place to check out on a daily basis. Each day you’ll find new and relevant discussions, industry news, and questions posed from other lawyers. The community uses our private Slack group.

This is not a group of lurkers. Every member is expected to give as much as he or she receives from the community. Our members will be the first to tell you that this community is guaranteed to help you move your practice in a better direction.

Why is there a fee?

It’s a small fee to make sure we only have committed members, as well as supplying the community with benefits, content, support, and events. Our community is for people who want to better themselves and their practice – while having some fun. Membership is only $199 annually. If you’re a lawyer and balk at paying $199 annually for a service, you don’t need to be in here. At less than $.60 per day, we assure you that our community will be worth its weight in gold.

We want each and every one of our member’s to be a member for life.

What Does Slack Look Like?

LawyerSmack Slack has 100s of different channels, across a diverse set of topics. Here is a small sample:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Fed R Civ P Nerds
  • IP
  • In-house
  • Marketing
  • Parents
  • Politics
  • Solo
  • Sports

Plus state-specific channels for lawyers to meet and confer locally.

Convinced this is the place for you?

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