We’re announcing that the newest community benefit will be the AI legal research company ROSS Intelligence. This is great news for anyone who wants to expand their legal research capabilities. 

Their proprietary tech allows a researcher to type in complex legal research questions as if they’re speaking to an attorney and quickly receive highly relevant, on-point answers directly from passages of case law. Because they don’t rely on keyword matching, their software is able to find you answers that you would have never come across on another system, and it’s always expanding what it can do. It’s easy to use, free to trial for 14 days , and takes just minutes to master. You can sign up for a trial here.

I’ve known the folks behind ROSS Intelligence for awhile. They have a solid reputation as a strong startup in legal research. But they have an equal reputation for being nice guys (Canadians, right?), which I can confirm from seeing them interact with lawyers over the past few years.

We’re excited to have them be a partner with the LawyerSmack community. Members can access these deals by logging into LawyerSmack and going to Partner Deals.

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