Happy to announce that we just got another great Partner on board with LawyerSmack!

This is a really great new partner to have on for everyone that is solo or in a small firm – or thinking of heading that way. Practice management software has become a staple of most lawyers’ practice. Many folks can’t imagine running their law firm without it. It’s also been one of the more requested partnerships from LawyerSmack members. That’s why I’m happy to announce our new partner Smokeball.

Smokeball is the first and only complete cloud-based legal practice management software that automatically records time and activity for you. Whether you bill hourly, fixed fee, or on contingency, Smokeball provides you with the insights you need to run a more profitable law firm. That’s why attorneys who use Smokeball increase profitability by over 30% on average, compared to just 13% with other case management systems.

Mostly I’m please by them having such a law nerd name. I’m excited to have SmokeBall as LawyerSmack’s ninth partner, and look forward to announcing more soon. Members can access these deals by logging into LawyerSmack and going to Partner Deals.



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