Happy to announce that we just got another Partner on board with LawyerSmack!

I’m really excited about this one. In the exclusive newsletter that members receive, I gave a rundown of the ABA TechShow. Maybe the most exciting thing I saw at the show was:

I also got to spend time with member Matt Spiegel and see his new company LawMatics. It should be the talk of the show. It’s easily the most impressive thing I saw.


So much of stuff at the TechShow is same shit, different day. But LawMatics is new. Think HubSpot / SalesForce / MailChimp combined together, but for law firms. More on this soon.

Well, soon is now.

If you’re not familiar with Matt, he is the founder of the practice management platform MyCase. He left a couple years ago and laid low but has come back to the legal industry with his new company Lawmatics.

Lawmatics is the first and only CRM, Intake, and Marketing Automation platform designed specifically for law firms. More clients, more cases…that is our promise to you.


With a full suite of tools such as email drip campaigns, customer journeys, custom reporting, e-signatures and much, much more, Lawmatics is the ultimate tool for managing the business of your law firm. Automate everything from your intake process to post case client messaging.

I’ve demo’d Lawmatics and it’s really impressive. In the next couple of years every savvy, forward-thinking law firm will be using a tool like it. And because Matt is a fan of the LawyerSmack community, he’s offering a great discount to everyone.

We’ll be doing a LawyerSmackAMA with him soon. In the meantime, go check out Lawmatics.

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