I’m happy to announce that we just got another great Partner on board with LawyerSmack!

This is great news for anyone who is running their own practice.  

I think everyone who follows/knows me that one of my hobbies is the collection of legal ethics mishaps from around the country (can lawyers please stop sleeping with clients?!).

One ethics issues that comes up again and again is IOLTA (trust account) mismanagment. And if one thing is certain in attorney discipline, if you screw up your trust account, you’re likely going to get disbarred. 

That’s why it was easy to partner with Nota.

IOLTA account management isn’t easy. We both know that screwing up your IOLTA account is a fast track to disbarment. Yet, it’s also how you get paid, so it’s kind of important that it operates smoothly.

Nota, a subsidiary of M&T Bank, and their whole team have solved the IOLTA account management problem. After sitting for a quick demo, I’m confident that they’re the real deal (the team has a right mix of business and software development to solve a problem like this) and the product is fantastic. It’s cloud based and works with the tools you’re probably already using like Quickbooks and LawPay.

I don’t want to waste your time explaining the service to you, when a 15-minute demo will answer all of your questions.

Nota is a no-cost IOLTA management solution powered by M&T Bank. It was built by working directly with solo and small law firms and is designed to help simplify trust account management. 

Nota’s cloud-based intuitive design uses real-time information directly from your bank accounts making it seamless for you to adhere to accounting requirements. Forget using a spreadsheet to track your individual client balances. All money in and out of your IOLTA account can be assigned to a client and reconciled down to the penny.  Features include one-click reconciliation reporting, custom transaction alerts and virtual client sub accounts with smart tagging. Visit trustnota.com/discover to learn more.

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