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Really just Zoom now huh?


Upcoming Events

Thirsty Thursdays on Zoom

Thirsty Thursdays on Zoom

It’s nearly the end of the week (even though every day feels exactly the same now). Let’s get together, cheers and commiserate. 

Every Thursday at 7:00pm Eastern.

Will we ever know the touch of another human again?

Unsure. But when that time comes…there will be yachts.

Past Events

John Kim

John Kim

Consultant / Professor

Currently a professor at Emory, applying lessons from 20+ years work experience in management consulting, strategic planning, and B2B marketing to the classroom. Creating learning with the 400+ smart and ambitious business school students every year on the topics: Strategy, Healthcare Strategy, Management Consulting, Executive Presence, Storytelling.

John is going to chat with us on 4/21/20, 7:30pm Eastern

Kiamesha-Sylvia G. Colom

Kiamesha-Sylvia G. Colom

Real Estate / SBA Lawyer

We spoke with Kiamesha about the PPP and how to navigate the current situation with the SBA for clients. 

Zach Abramowitz

Zach Abramowitz

Lawyer / Entrepreneur

Zach is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and an investor. He is the cofounder & CEO of ReplyAll. His columns on high impact legal startups appear on Above the Law and his ReplyAll conversations have also appeared on TechCrunch and Bloomberg. He is an investor in LegalMation, which uses AI to analyze and automate litigation filings and Intuview, AI for internal investigations.

Zach is going to chat with us on 3/31/20, 6pm Eastern

WFH Happy Hour

WFH Happy Hour

Sponsored by Case Status

I’m going to host a public WFH Happy Hour and Case Status will buy you drinks.
– You must be a lawyer
– You must register with a law firm email address
– After registration and attending the Happy Hour, send an email to [email protected] from the email address you used to register with your Paypal/Venmo details, and Case Status sends you $5.

Click to register. 

4/01/2020 at 7pm Eastern.

David Smith

David Smith


David is a Yale/Columbia educated doctor, and is currently a professor of clinical radiology at LSU. He is dealing with the corona virus first hand, and is going to discuss what things look like from the front lines (New Orleans is one of the most impacted areas in the United States).

David is going to chat with us on 3/24/20, 8pm Eastern

Joshua Holt

Joshua Holt

Lawyer / Personal Finance Sage

Josh is a Big Law private equity, mergers & acquisitions lawyer. But most folks probably know him from his popular personal finance site for lawyers, Big Law Investor (don’t be turned off by the “big law” part, it’s for all lawyers). Josh and I are going to discuss money and mindset during a crisis.

Josh is going to talk with us at 3/26/2020 at 5pm Eastern.

Steven Chung

Steven Chung

Tax Lawyer

We chatted with LawyerSmack member and tax lawyer extrordinaire – Steven Chung. 

Mar 2020 Corona Time

In the age of the apocolypse, at least we have each other…on webcams. 

October 2019 San Diego

HUGE party at the Clio Cloud Conference. Details here.

May 2019 Texas

We doubled down for Texas, hitting both Houston and Dallas. 

Also, we went axe throwing. Lawyers + drinking + axes = liability or genius?

December 2018 Birmingham

Sweet Home Alabama. Just in time for the holidays. 

November 2018 Washington DC

Great turnout in Washington DC! We didn’t even get everyone in the picture! 

September 2018 Dallas

Back-to-back Texas meetups. “Everything’s bigger…” And Brian Cuban swung by to hang out too!


August 2018 Houston

Self-organized meetup by the Houston crew!


June 2018 Washington DC

Impromptu meetup with some of the DC crowd. Going to have a larger event later this year!


May 2018 San Diego

Great time at Fall Brewing in San Diego. Lots of folks from all over Southern California showed up!


April 2018 Boston

PAX EAST! Had an awesome time with people coming from hours away. Pedro came from across the Atlantic Ocean! Sure he was speaking on a panel at PAX, but we all know the real reason he came – LawyerSmack.

March 2018 Chicago

ABA TechShow time! Lots of members were in attendance (as well as speaking on panels & exhibiting). Here are a handful of us at Beer For Bloggers.

January 2018 NYC Meetup

It was Legalweek NY! Lots of legaltech luminaries were in attendance. We had a big meetup at Ace Hotel. Then a handful of us grabbed dinner afterwards (above).

January 2018 Atlanta Meetup

First meetup of 2018! There was also a surprise 25th birthday party going on totally unrelated to us. So of course we took a picture with it.

Want to have fun & hangout with us? Convinced this is the place for you?

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